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Ivan David Lippens

My name is Ivan, and I've been doing SEO, full-time, since 2015. 
I offer a variety of DFW SEO services and consultancy options, but my specialty is off-page link-building and ORM SEO. 
DFW is an acronym for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area of Texas, which is where I live, and operate my SEO Consultancy. 
Please read about my package offerings, below, and if it sounds good to you, then contact me, and we can get started. 

COST: $125/once + $375/mo, per KW/PG for +10RD/mo. 
AVERAGE: 1-keyword, 1-page, 30 Referring Domains/mo.
TIME TO RANK: 1yr+, from new page. 

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What is SEO Marketing?

SEO is an acronym, which means "Search Engine Optimization". 
The purpose of SEO is to rank web pages higher in search engines, like Google or YouTube, so that they can get a larger share of traffic from people who are typing-in various queries. 
So, if you have a business involved in selling a particular product or service, and you know your customers are using certain phrases to shop for those things, then you can optimize your business web pages, so that you are one of the first results to be seen for those queries, and subsequently, that is likely to result in more traffic and sales for your business. 

SEO is Content and Links

This is accomplished by having the right terms on your web pages, and by receiving quality backlinks from other websites to those pages, which confirms your content's relevance. 
In short, SEO is basically your content being linked-to by both internal and external content. 

How much does SEO Cost, 
and How Difficult is it to Rank?

SEO Consultants, companies, and agencies can charge a widely varying range of prices, depending on the factors they have set for their operational infrastructure. 
In a broad sense, many companies tend to charge in the low-to-mid thousands per month, on average, but it depends on how they do things, and how much competition there is for your target queries. 

Statistical Average of How much SEO Consultants charge for monthly retainers

For me, I charge one-off prices for simple consulting services, and that is mainly based on how much time it takes me to fulfill those specific tasks. 
Other than that, the main power of what I offer is the ability to identify, and acquire, quality backlinks, from a wide-range of referring domains. 
In my experience, and observation, it is best to acquire as many quality referring domains as possible, so that your link profile is highly diversified. 
As such, I charge a retainer for monthly link-building, and it's based on either the quantity of keywords or pages you want to rank for, which keeps your budget focused, and scalable. 

Average Number of Referring Domains it takes to Rank in Google

Statistically speaking, it takes 50 to 300 referring domains to reach the first page of a query, depending on competition. 
In mega competitive SERPs, it may take more, and this is why it is recommended to include an SEO Audit with retainers. 
My base link-building package generates an average of 120 tiered referring domains per year, to a single web page. 
Along the way to achieving your ranking goals, it is common to rank for lesser longtail terms, or to be rotated by Google's algorithm, so increasing referring domains will tend to also result in progressively increasing organic traffic, along the way. 

Organic SERP Traffic Increases as you acquire more Referring Domains

After one year, a particular page or keyword has a pretty good statistical chance to rank for your search term. 
The more quantities you order, of my base package, the more referring domains you get each month, which means a high quality, more prolific, link profile for your properties. 
Think of SEO Links as Digital Asset Real Estate. 

Ranking Page Age

Statistically speaking, half of the web pages, out-there, take 1yr to 2yrs to rank in the Top 10, and the other half can take 3yrs+. 
So, it takes 1yr to 3yrs, or more, to Rank in Google for competitive keywords, unless you have pre-existing rankings. 
If you are already close to ranking for something, then it can be much faster, but when it comes to SEO, I always encourage my customers to budget for at-least 1yr, and refer to their project SERP tracker, each month, so they can measure their progress. 

There is Good, Cheap, and Fast SEO, but you can only pick two of the three

As the saying goes, you can get good, cheap, or fast SEO, but you can only pick two of the three, and I think that's true. 
I could spend an hour describing the pros and cons of each dichotomy, but to summarize, my service goes for "good" and "cheap", but it's NOT "fast". 
This is the best combination, I would argue, because most businesses cannot afford the cost of speed, and the ROI generally would not justify it for many years, even if they could. 
If you go too fast, without investing in really strong links, then it also looks very suspicious to Google, as well. 
So, it's best to start with small link quantities, go slow, and ramp-up over the course of a year. 
This is the safest, most effective, and most ROI practical approach for any SEO Service. 

What is the ROI for SEO?

Calculating ROI, for your SEO efforts, is databased guesswork. 
We can use several datapoints, just to figure-out if it's even worthwhile, but even so, you won't really know the actual ROI, until you have the rankings to show for it. 
In my experience, the results have always been more profitable than expected, because you will tend to rank for longtail keywords things along the way. 
I can't guarantee that will always be the case, though, especially since niches vary, and products and services vary, and ultimately there could be many other variables. 
All that aside, though, just based on some of these web-wide averages, and the prices I charge, let's consider the data. 

Average SERP CTR

According to large-scale data, roughly half of all clicks in the SERPs are going to the first three ranking positions. 
The other half go to positions four to ten, and there is also a bit that goes to page-2, contrary to popular belief. 
The goal of my base package is to get a webpage at-least in the middle of the first page of the SERPs, for its query. 
So, that's about a 5% clickthrough rate, which of-course can be improved significantly, as your position increases up-to #1. 

Average Device Conversion Rates Online

Conversion rate data can vary widely, depending on your niche, product, CTA, etc, but most large-scale aggregations put industry-wide conversions at about 3%, on average. 
A lot of variables can increase that number, of course, like closing your sales over the phone, for example, but for the sake of being reasonably conservative, I think that's a good standard. 
So, if we target a keyword with 670 impressions, per month, with a CTR of 5%, that's about 34-Clickthroughs, and with a 3% conversion rate, that's about 1-sale per month. 
That means your product or service has to justify the cost of the retainer, probably for a year or more, and then your increased sales have to have the ability to be profitable on top of the SEO Retainer you are paying each month. 

Long-Term ROI of SEO

The great thing about SEO, of course, is that even after you stop paying, you still have assets that bring you more and more traffic each month, which is one reason why it has the highest average ROI of any marketing method. 
What you wanna do, though, is pivot your budget to other terms or pages, which adds more streams of recurring revenue. 
In that way, SEO is retroactive, which makes it unique. 

Compounding SEO

Most other marketing methods trade some finite amount of cash for a temporary benefit of traffic, but with SEO, it's like rolling a snowball down a hill... it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 
The sooner you start, the better, because SEO is like compounding interest for inbound marketing. 

SERP Tracking
and Case Studies

For all projects, my clients receive a LIVE URL, which updates the search engine ranking positions (SERPs) on a regular basis. 
I do not send manual reports and updates to clients, or deliverable samples, the results are automatically tracked by their SERP tracking dashboard, each month, and their page links can be checked with free tools, periodically. 

Loan SEO Case Study SERP Tracking

Loan SEO Case StudyAbove, is a screenshot, and LIVE SERP link, from a 90-day viewable on a 2yr regular affiliate SEO project with very high competition in "loan" niches. 
This private project had a budget of less than $100/mo, and in its last two months, I started ramping-up the link-building, which clearly began to generate more rapid ranking progress. 
Its current number of referring domains is comparable to 1yr of my base SEO package retainer. 

Below, you will find a similar screenshot, and LIVE SERP view, for one of my most successful ORM SEO projects, so far. 
This is also a 2yr+ project, but with a much lower budget than would be typical for Online Reputation Management.  
A normal retainer would be $3,375k+/mo, at the base, but this project was executed, VERY slowly, at $750/mo, and it has still been successful at acquiring rankings to surpass bad entities. 
Even though specifics are redacted, if you click the keyword on the SERP viewable, at the bottom, you can see detailed SERP tracking on a 90-day period. 
When this project began, we had a couple tough entities at the top, right below the brand website, and now we have several entities above the bad sites, with the overall goal being to fully suppress the evil sites from the first page. Y-NV ORM SEO Case Study

Y-NV ORM SEO Case Study SERP Tracking

No matter your project type, you will get your own LIVE SERP tracking dashboard link, which you can access anytime. 
It comes with a variety of viewables, download features, search and filtering features, and it updates daily, so there is a hard history of longterm SERP movement for your project. 
For both ORM, and regular SEO, viewables, the position tracking is awesome for me, as well, because it lets me see what is closest to ranking, for maybe what ranked for a short period of time, and that gives me great data for the next links to build. 

Keywords and 
On-Page SEO Audits

Keyword Research Sample

If you are in the early stages of developing your business' SEO strategy, I can help you with keyword research and SEO audits, which will give you data on hard numbers of referring domains, that you need to achieve, in order to get your pages ranked alongside competitors. 
Once you know what to keywords build towards, then you will need to develop SEO on-page optimized web pages, which are crafted to rank for specific terms your customers are searching for in Google. 
This is the foundation of SEO, and you need at-least one page prepared, in order to be eligible for on-going SEO services. 

COST: $125/hr, for Consult and Screen Recording. 
AVERAGE: 1hr. 
DELIVERY: 1-day, or less. 

Off-Page SEO and
Link-Building Services

Keyword Research Sample

Once you have a page that is prepared to rank for a keyword, then it is eligible for monthly SEO link-building services. 
This is my specialty, and my mechanism of-choice for SEO. 
Unlike other competitors, whose focus is in on-page or blogging, I actually know how to find quality backlinks, and how to build the kind of diversified link profile that Google likes to see. 
My goal is to acquire large numbers of referring domains, from sites that have SERP verifiable keyword rankings. 
My goal is to acquire links from websites that Google respects enough to rank, and if they are ranking, then there is a higher likelihood that those kinds of backlinks will be looked on more favorably by Google. 
It is my job to find those kinds of links for your budget. 
Using this strategy, over time, with enough referring domains, you will watch your keyword rankings steadily increase. 

COST: $375/mo per KW/PG for +10RD/mo. 
AVERAGE: 1-keyword, 1-page, 30 Referring Domains/mo.
TIME TO RANK: 1yr, from new page. 

ORM SEO or Online
 Reputation Management

ORM is a specialized field of SEO, which, from what I can tell, is the most difficult subset of search engine optimization to implement. 
The idea, here, is you've got a keyword where you have multiple pages, and you need to rank those listings above malicious entities. 
Usually, these malicious entities would be bad review pages, ugly news stories, or other skewed propaganda. 
Beneficial brand entities tend to be social media pages, good reviews, and press releases. 
I have some noteworthy experience, and success, providing reputation management services. 

COST: $375/mo, per KW/PG for +10RD/mo. 
AVERAGE: 1-keyword, 9-pages, 10 Referring Domains/mo
TIME TO RANK: 1yr, from new page. 

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